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Speed up your business and simplify client invoicing and billing with Eagle ERP Platform.

Avoid all complexity and stay Relax with Eagle ERP software.

Protect your most valuable data from unauthorized access and use. Your organization data will safe and secure with eagle ERP.

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Put your client at the heart of your marketing with eagle ERP that help your business get arise.

Everything you need to sale, quotation, sale order, invoicing, RFQ, purchase order, vendor payment, Manufacturing, ecommerce and fulfill in one automated platform. Our Sale Management and Purchase management and manufacturing platform includes automated invoicing, so you can manage all of your business and your client accounts from one place.


$ 35 .00

/ month
  • Basic sales & marketing for up to 2 users
  • Account & Sales management
  • No customization
  • No support


$ 65 .00

/ month
  • Complete CRM for any size team
  • Access to all modules
  • Limited customization
  • Email support


$ 125 .00

/ month
  • Unlimited CRM power and support
  • Access to all modules and features
  • Unlimited customization
  • 24/7 support